Monday, December 31, 2012

5 Easy New Year's Resolutions

By Chiqui Raveloski

A new year is here and New Year’s resolutions are in the making. New Year's resolutions are a great way to think about the past, present, and the future. The year 2012 has brought us plenty of exciting and memorable events to remember by. From the discovery of a new particle consistent with Higgs Boson ( "The God Particle"), to the day 12/21/12, when the world was supposed to end, according to the Mayan calendar... we can now take a deep breath and say that we "survived" 2012!

No one knows what 2013 will offer. Yet, we can offer ourselves these 5 resolutions in order to gain a relationship with our mind, heart, and soul, fulfilling our individual potential.

1. Respect and Love. Respect one another. Each one has a story which is also unique to each individual. As nurses, respect for cultural diversity is embedded across our lifespan. We treat everyone equally regardless of race, religion, economic status, etc., preserving integrity. At the same time, we should also have self respect in order to grow personally and professionally. With respect comes love, and love is a universal language.

2.Honesty. Honesty is the best policy. "Mas masarap ang tulog mo pag malinis ang konsiyensiya". "You sleep better at night with a clean conscience". A good night sleep makes for a better morning. a better outlook, a better person overall. Similarly, nurses hold the responsibility of providing the best patient care and exhibit accountability for your own judgment and action.

3. Honor. Honor your heritage and the elders. Always look back to where you came from. This allows for better understanding of yourself and how to move forward. At the same time, elders have done this plenty of times in the course of their lives. They hold knowledge which we can learn from. If doing patient care and the day becomes unbearable, take a moment to step back and do a simple task of feeding an elderly patient. This can somehow block our senses from all the chaos and at the same time, reminding ourselves why we got into the profession. It is a feel good moment. Trust me.

4. Kindess. Be kind to one another. It conveys a giving behavior, pleasant nature, and genuine concern for others. It is a value we all grew up with. In a busy world that we live in, sometimes personal values are put to the side in order to keep up with the times. We have heard of random act of kindness. Let us join in the movement. It can benefit both givers and receivers with feelings of contentment and relaxation.

5. Karma. What goes around comes around. A cause and effect, action and reaction. Do unto others as one would want others to treat one self. It is a golden rule. This goes back to respect and love. Respect for human dignity and uniqueness of each individual. This might be the most challenging resolutions of all. Everyone does not believe in Karma, which I respect. However, if we just find it in our hearts to at least make the "world go around" one day at a time, is a favor we can do to ourselves and society.

It has been said plenty of times that "people don't surprise me anymore". This is true. Yet, I still believe and have hope for humanity. These 5 resolutions do not cost a penny. They are inflation - proof! Each one of us possesses these traits. You might have to be put in some really tough situations to find out. And if you do find out, take a moment and use it wisely.

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