Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Different Kind Of "Failure"

By Chiqui Raveloski

Boxing has been a major and popular sport in the Philippines as far back as I can remember. It has brought many Filipino greats like Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde and Ceferino Garcia. In the midst of all these great athletes, more famous boxers had entered the arena searching for the greatest fight of their lives. One of them is,  Manny Pacquiao, who has dominated the boxing world  for the past 10 years

Pacquiao's life story had been unraveled right before our eyes. From his humble beginnings, his dreams, and all his hardwork to attain the ultimate success. Consequently, his popularity in the Philippines earned him a seat in the congress, landed a few acting roles in the movies, and he even recorded a few albums to say the least. His rate of success was unstoppable that he was even named   "Fighter Of The Decade"  by the World Boxing Organization.

Everyone knows Pacquiao does what he loves to do. His performances during the fights all came too naturally. You can almost say that he was born a fighter! Yet, can we honestly say that he was fighting the right fight, or was he fighting to please everyone?

Pacquaio's latest losing match to Juan Marquez brought a sudden halt to his success.As a result it gave a good number of his followers some doubt toward his abilities as a fighter. It is all but natural to feel this way. Losing in this magnitude is not an option. This is especially true when huge amounts of money and fortune are at stake.

More at stake is Pacquiao's popularity, not only to the Filipinos but all over the world. He is a well liked celebrity because of his love for the sport, his family, his community, and to his country. In addition, his trainer Freddie Roach, also described him as a very giving person, a human ATM. But was he well liked because of his fortune, or is it because he is the down to earth Manny?

With all that is at stake, one cannot imagine the pressure sitting on Pacquiao's shoulders. Only fewer than most had been in this position. Taking a deeper look into what his journey had presented, draws the attention not only on the physical aspect of his chosen sport, but also the psychological, social, and spiritual components as well.

As many described it, Pacquiao's latest match with Marquez was marked as a failure. This, I believe is a different kind of failure. It is the kind of failure that teaches true stength, courage, and personal value. It is sort of a life detour. To take time out and re -examine the plan. The same goes in the world of nursing. As nurses, if outcomes are undesirable, re-assessment of the situation is a must in order to plan for better interventions, thus , comes favorable outcomes.

During this past 10 years, we can almost feel the punches he took, witnessed the blood streaming down his face, and the pain he endured to give us the fight we all wanted to see. Instead, Pacquaio gave us Filipinos the true meaning of our heritage ......bravery. "Ang naglalakad ng marahan, matinik may mababaw". "He who walks slowly, though he may put his foot on a thorn, will not be hurt very much.", a quote from a Filipino national hero,  Jose Rizal. Let this sudden halt remind us of the same bravery which inspired most to do better,  and be of value not only to yourself but to society.

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