Monday, December 17, 2012

Bahala Na in Nursing

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By Chiqui Raveloski

"Bahala na" is Tagalog/Filipino for  whatever will be will be. Bahala na is an everyday remark or simply a way of life that we Filipinos had learned to embrace and live by. . It is a mantra, a words of wisdom of some sorts. 

Yes , I am a Filipino, born and raised in Manila, Philippines , and have lived in the USA for the past 26 years. Yet, the bahala na attitude is still strong and has helped me survive the many obstacles that came my way.

I am a nurse and the "bahala na" attitude is somewhat unorthodox in the nursing practice. Nurses use the Nursing Process effectively with outcomes that are measurable. Nurses just don't say whatever will be, will be.  This is crazy ! !

As crazy as it sounds, the Bahala Na attitude has helped me make sense to things that I do not have any control of. Say for example, the ever so popular problem in nursing - the nurse to patient ratio. On a regular day, we are so short staffed that I would have to take care of 6 to 7 patients in a 12 hour shift. I am sure that a good number of telemetry nurses out there would say, " That is too many pat

I don't have any control of how the staffing will turn out. At the same time, as to  how many patients will come to the hospital. One thing I know I can control is my mind set and attitude for the day.

When I say "Bahala na" I live it all up to the higher being to guide me, to  keep me and my patients safe. Implementing nursing interventions to the best of my abilities , not compromising patients' safety. At the end of my shift, it brings a smile to my face knowing that each of my patient is safe and free of harm 


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