Sunday, January 27, 2013

Remember The Time.....

By Chiqui Raveloski

Picking up the #lastprintissue of Newsweek from the bookstore was a bittersweet moment. The magazine featured successful printed issues from the past 80 years which helped shape the society and the world as it is right now. Leafing through the glossy pages brought back so many memories. How life was then, compared to now. And I realized, life was not different, it is the same life. I just learned to adapt with time.

I can't help but let a feeling of nostalgia embrace me. Turning the pages of this iconic magazine brought me back to my earliest memory as a  5 year old - walking by the beach in the Philippines with my grandmother during sunrise. This memory, so many years ago, still bring calmness, stability, and security even now. I can still hear the seagulls, the waves, and salt water smell as I am writing about it right now. I can hear her saying "Mag-ingat ka, iha", "Take care, little one".

Those were also the words my grandmother told me before I left the Philippines for the USA many years ago.  The anticipation of being on the other side of the world brought this unexplainable feeling of eagerness and excitement of things to come.. I can still remember the whiff of US air when I first stepped outside of the airport  Back home in the Philippines, opening a box of gift from a family member in the US gives out this certain "stateside" smell. The scent of something better, something new. So, this hint in the air when I first came out of the airport made me realize, I had arrived.

Seeing his eyes for the first time reminded me of the blue waters in the Philippines. His blue eyes became my window to the beach my grandmother and I used to walk along every morning. I was home. I knew somehow there was a connection as he drew me in closer with his wit and funny jokes which made me laugh all the time. He became my best friend, my  husband and father to our wonderful daughter

The arrival of our daughter in the family 16 years ago is a memory that stands out from all the rest. Giving birth to our daughter was the most beautiful thing God had ever granted us. She is our miracle baby not only because she conquered 2 months of prematurity. She remains to be an instrumental key to letting me and my husband find out who we truly are and what we are capable of.  Because of that, we are solid as individuals and as a  family unit. Memories of her as a baby, the "baby smell", her giggles, crawling all over the apartment we lived in, with her knee pads on, her first baby steps, first day of kindergarten, middle school, and high school.....Oh time went by so quick.

My husband and my daughter were my support through nursing school. Everyone knows how demanding nursing school can be. My husband helped me through all the tough times and celebrated all the fantastic times.  My daughter respected my study time. In between the chaos, she even helped me organized my study materials and looked for missing folders when I cannot seem to find them. When I went back for my RN-BSN program, she even helped me understand statistics. I remembered her saying, "Oh Mom, this is 8th grade math!",,,,, What?

My first day as a full fledged floor nurse was overwhelming. I almost headed back home when the nagging feeling of apprehension for the unknown combined with the enthusiasm of making a difference took over me. But, armed with the nursing process, stethoscope, bandage scissors, calculator, to name a few, each day brought unique experiences. These experiences revealed strengths to nurture and improve upon. 

As I write this blog, my emotions went through several directions. The nostalgia I felt in the beginning, still tugging at my heart strings. Yet, the reality is I cannot hover around how my life used to be. It is how I went through each and every prominent milestone  which made the person I am right now. My hope is that each day. my mind and heart stay open for all the lessons waiting to be learned.


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