Monday, August 26, 2013

For You To Be Happy....

You must follow FACTS
Forget the past
Accept your mistakes
Cry and move on
Thank God
Smile always

We nurses love acronyms. We used a lot of it while in nursing school. It has helped us remember so many important concepts. And you know as well as I do, there is a huge selection of concepts to get a grasp of. And without the help of  acronyms,our body systems can end up in one big mumbo jumbo.

I came across this acronym from one of the community I joined in. This acronym can be applied in our daily living. Very universal. Thought I'd  blog about it and share.

Forget the past.
Forgive and forget is easier said and done. There is so much in your past, good or bad, that has helped you shape who you are right at this moment. At the same time, I'm also a firm believer of always looking back from where you came from. Your roots, your foundation. In this context, forgetting the past which makes you harbor negative feelings are better left where it belongs - in the past. Give yourself a chance to forgive the past and yourself. Then move on.

Accept your mistakes.
Mistakes happen - all the time. People easily judge others when someone makes a mistake. And when you make the mistake, it is hard to accept, because your fear of rejection. Learning to accept your own mistakes makes you a very strong and confident individual. Why? Accepting your own mistakes is hard to do. It requires a strong open mind, a loving heart, and a humble demeanor. This combination is a tough act to follow. But, this is how you learn to maneuver through life. Be confident. Make the necessary changes to correct your mistakes. Learn from it.

Cry and move on.
When was the last time you had a really good cry? You feel so much better after a "good cry". It is believed that crying is an outlet, a burst after intense uncontrollable emotion of agony or joy. But for the most part, we cry when we feel helpless. Its OK. God knows how many times I have done this. I especially like the way the salty tears help clean out my eyes very well...eye makeup and eyeliner!! The next day, your whole face feels refreshed. Needless to say, crying helps you think better. As a result, a clear mind can help you move on and adapt to changes around you.

Thank God.
For whoever you proclaim your faith to, always give thanks. Faith to your Higher Being gives you the guidance you need to take the first step into the unknown. In return, you develop this relationship to something spiritual which can withstand any force. To this we give thanks.

Smile always. 
A smile is the universal language of happiness, caring, and kindness. Smiling is great therapy for the smiler and the smilee. Tell a joke, if you can. I know I can't, I always stumble and laugh so hard before the punch line ! :-) I end up  ruining the whole darn thing. That's OK. I still have fun and smile about it.

So, there you go  my fellow nurses out there. An acronym to stay happy. Follow the FACTS and may happiness be with you always.


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