Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Timberland PRO Renova Caregiver Slip-On: Oh Yes, I'll Do That Review !

I have always wondered how it would be to do a product review on one of my most favorite things - shoes.! Well,  the chance finally came my way. The marketing director of  www.supershoestogo.com contacted me.  and asked if I would be interested in doing a shoe review for them. Hello.The answer was a big fat yes!

I am super excited about this whole expereience. I spend long 12 hour shifts at work and on my feet all day. What better way to expand my repertoire by trying out one of the newest nursing shoes by Timberland PRO. It is part of their professional clog line called  Timberland PRO Renova Caregiver Slip-On

Pictures please.

The Timberland PRO footwear is made to American size standard. I usually wear a size 8, so I asked for the 8-8.5 shoes. They fit just right. Not too tight and not too big. I usually wear the thick diabetic socks ( been diabetic for 41 years), and it fit perfectly. I have plenty of toe room, which I love. The shoes also come with their specially designed insert that gives the shoes that extra umph! It conforms to the shape of your feet, no matter how funny looking they are !

What I really like about the shoes is the arch support. It is not too prominent where it would actually hurt your arch. It gives just the right support for long periods of being on your feet. It comes with a strap that you can wear on the back, or if you prefer, the front. Whichever you prefer, the shoes still looks super cute and will give the support you need. I actually tried both ways and it worked just fine. The clogs felt safe either way. Its just that, I prefer to wear my clogs with the straps up.

The material is washable and wipable. Its a good thing. As we all know, our nursing shoes goes through a lot. A smudge of this and a drop of that, we need Lysol to disinfect them. It does squeak a little bit especially when you step on something wet. Please be careful. Don't slip. Practice safe walking skills by taking short steps. Walk with your feet pointed slightly outwards, ensuring a stable base for support. The squeak goes away once you dry it. No biggie.

The sole also has plenty of traction, adding more to its safety feature.

The shoes also has about an inch heel height to it. This is good, because some of my scrub pants are a little long and the shoes prevents me from dragging the ends of my pants.

The shoes are available at this website. It also comes in different colors. Check it out.

Overall, I enjoyed wearing the shoes during the breaking in period. As a matter of fact, I will continue to sport it until I wear them out. I have to say that Timberland PRO couldn't have named these shoes appropriately when they called it "Caregiver".  The shoes gave me  the support I needed during the constant walking and standing. The shoes were made with nurses as true caregivers in their mind. To that I thank you. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Too Big For Its Britches

In light of my recent post about nursing technology, I would like to expand more on electronic health records. The hospital I currently work in has just been recently acquired by MEGA - My Egotistical God-Complex Association. MEGA now has 3 hospitals under their belt - each specializing in a major money maker in healthcare business.