Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Annual Recollection

By Chiqui Raveloski

It has been almost a year since I first started blogging. And never in my right mind did I ever think that I was capable of doing this. I have always restricted myself from writing for many reasons. Reasons that have probably stemmed out from my growing years. I always have the thoughts inside my head waiting to come out, but never had the courage to speak out. Why is that?

Then I thought: "Maybe I can write... "But every time I tried, I could never put the words down on paper. I always ended up with a blank sheet of this white square thing in front of me !

Until one day, that inner voice said, "Do it, do it, do it!"  And I said, "Ok, Ok, Ok!"

So here I am......

Blogging has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life right now. I have made plenty of friends who I have never met, but have formed bonds with. It is amazing to see how writing can form such a strong connection between one another. This, I believe, gave me more drive and inspiration to continue with this journey.

Blogging became an outlet for my nursing experiences. I figured I can give my husband a break from all my whining. So it became your turn ! It made me realize that I am not alone in this whirlwind and there are colleagues out there who can understand what I feel. After all, we all need acknowledgement, right?

Blogging also became an  outlet for a few of my guilty pleasures - Candy Crush Saga and  The Walking Dead.

Still playing the saga, can't seem to shake it off. I am in level 103 and have been stuck there for about three weeks. Any advice?

How about that last episode of The Walking Dead? It was a great episode. I know I am probably gonna get cussed out for saying this: But, I was actually enjoying the Governor's comeback. I had this secret longing for a strong and sick character to cause the twists and turn that the show is famous for. But, I knew it was time for him to go one way or the other. I believe a new "Id" character is in the making. Wanna take a guess?.......A shout out to my girl Michonne !

A twist that I never saw coming in this blogging experience was that I was contacted by a few marketing analysts. They wanted me to do a product review and/or write an article for their site!  Who would  have ever thought? I am genuinely honored by this consideration. With this said, I accepted the requests and  have continuously formed a strong  business relationship and friendship.

I am also honored by all my readers and followers. Thanks for taking time out to read my posts. Equally important, to all those who faithfully write comments on my posts, that really means a lot to me.

Last but not  least, my husband and my daughter, for their support in my newly found endeavor. Writing is still a challenge but I can always hear my daughter say, " Don't worry about it, just write it down, Mother ! " And my husband who has learned how to deliver constructive criticisms gently.... to my liking !

 Both of them, by the way, are the writers in the family. Our daughter, who's 17, scored a 326 out of 350 in the state writing test. And my husband has a BA in English and is an avid science fiction reader. Between  both of them, we have shelves full of books. Its always nice to see and watch both of them read. I get this tingling feeling inside me and somehow, I get inspired by that, must be a Mommy and wife thing.

It has been about 326 days since I was trying to figure out a name for my blog. The only thing I can think of was the Filipino phrase "Bahala Na". It means "Living it all up to God, come what may, what ever will be, will be ".Little did I know that what can come was much more than what I expected. I have learned so much about who I am and what I can become.

To that...I am forever grateful.


  1. I'm grateful to have discovered you. Your blog title is insightful and instructive; your words that spill into cyberspace are warm,loving and invite connection.

    Thank you for being you.

  2. sweet. Thanks Rebekah. You have always been so supportive and encouraging.
    I'm glad we connected.

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