Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's In Your MP3 Player?

By Chiqui Raveloski

We are officially still in the new year season. Eager to change a few dirty habits and move on to clean and productive ones. As nurses, we go through so much in our personal as well as our professional lives. More often than not, our professional life seem to engulf us into the point of giving up.

In the midst of all the chaos, once in a while, the universe lines up just right. When this happens,  I get in this period of clarity. I just have to capture it and stay in this state for as long as I can. Everything seems clear and what used to bother me, I can easily shake them off and laugh about it. It's not that bad. I learn from it and move on.

Learning from your mistakes builds strong character. There is a Filipino saying which goes, " Walang naninira sa bakal kundi sariling kalawang". Nothing destroys iron but its own corrosion. Simply says, we are responsible for our own being. We are the architect of our own lives. We are our own enemy. We live and learn.

This is so true. Don't you think?

As nurses, we learned that nursing is an art. We are artists trapped inside our nurses body. We like to express ourselves freely. But, we are inhibited by policies, protocols, dress codes, etc. When we're inhibited, we internalize, loose our sense of self, then eventually get burned out. Just like painters and sculptors, when there's no inspiration, artwork does not come to life. Inspiration comes from within. It's the driving force. The force that can bring positive effect. Man, this is really sounding serious, right?

I can go on and on about this but I think you know what I mean. It's just that in this celestial moment that I have right now the song that has been playing inside my head seems to have changed in tune and rhythm. Literally!

So, yeah!!! Here I go again with the songs that I connect with. Maybe its the musician in me. Have I ever told you that I was a classically trained pianist growing up? I learned to play the piano when I was six years old up until I was 19. I came to America and left that part of my life somewhere out there.

I still go back to it every now and then. I was actually a Music major in my early 20's and quit. When my daughter was 5 years old, I taught her how to play the piano during my stay at home mom period. I got her as far as I think I can get her until she said that she is more interested in the flute.

My daughter now is an avid flute player and she has participated in the All State Band, District Honors Band, and many others. She is now in the 11th grade and wants to pursue a college career on a band scholarship. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Needless to say, I am surrounded with music and talent. Together, these forces are clearly lined up and a few songs have actually started to play in my head as I am writing this. They are forming an inspirational theme for the new year. Let my song selections motivate you and trigger the artistic nurse to come out.

Pump up the volume and jam with me.

Beautiful Day. by   U2
No matter how bad your day is going, there's always something good about it. Sometimes its hard to find the good. But it's there!

Don't Stop Believing  by  Journey
I remember listening to this song back in the Philippines. Going to school riding in the jeepney and the driver would crank up the 8 track! Very nostalgic. I still like the way the electric guitar sounds!

Bulletproof by LaRoux
Very motivating lyrics. "I won’t let you turn around / and tell me now I’m much too proud / All you do is fill me up with doubt". If others pull you down, let them realize what you are made of..

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
For some reason, every time I hear this song, all I wanna do is dance to it ! Crazy!  It's just a feel good tune all in all.

The Real Slim Shady by Eminem
Ok. Eminem is not really for everyone. But, I did have a blog post  about this song. Rebelling from the status quo and start questioning what you have become. Finding your Slim Nursey, and stand up for yourself.


Try by Pink
We just have to accept the fact that from time to time, things just don't work out. However, we should not give up and keep on trying. Don't give up. Dream big.

Inner Ninja by Classified featuring David Miles
I have a blog post  about this. A cute, funky, and dance worthy song about finding your inner self. Hi....ya! Watch out!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk
In my opinion, it takes more than words to express the simple lyrics of the song. Daft Punk's rendition tends to move you in a futuristic mode of playing harder, striving for the best, to make you stronger. Kanye West's song "Stronger" featured a sample of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".

Dare You by Hardwell
A song about breaking free. The lyrics, "Now your heart be your religion, Let it break you out of this prison you became, Its not too late". Find your strength, and let your heart lead you to what you want. Dare you.

As a nurse, you strive to heal your patients the best way possible. You empower them with kind words, giving heart, compassionate spirit, and healing hands. You're always looking for a better way to do things in order to attain desirable outcomes. 

A popular song,  Heal The World by Michael Jackson , reminds me of the world that we are living in right now. There are so many people out there who needs help. As a citizen of this world, what can we do to make this world a better place.

I believe that the song Heal the World is a perfect song to close this blog post. It all ties in together. I realized that I am very lucky with what I've had , what I have, and my ability to what I can become. There is a world out there and each one of us has a purpose. Finding out our purpose takes time to realize. But the purpose of it all is to find love, respect, and happiness, within ourselves, our family, the society, and the world. 


  1. Great post, loved the saying about iron. Thx.

  2. Thanks Rebekah. I love that saying too. Something I go by.
    Have a great day and take care.

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