Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Walking Dead: Pudding Apocalypse

By Chiqui Raveloski


As Michonne rhythmically beheads each of the zombies in the mid season premiere of the Walking Dead this past Sunday, I cannot help but really think hard as to how she became this badass. One thing we learned about her was once upon a time she lived in a house with her child and a lover with his friend. The katana was featured in the kitchen (symbolically??), and the guys returned with both their arms cut off. Were they the original Michonne pets? Just wondering.

Michonne continued on with the quest when we saw Herschel "die" once again. Michonne stabbed his zombie head, finally putting it to rest. That was very hard to watch. On the other hand, the succeeding show Talking dead, featured Herschell's animatronic head on the coffee table, making fun of it as Chris Hardwick fed it pudding ! Still....was kinda weird to watch. Can't quite express how I felt. I'm sure my human growth and development professor will say that I have not successfully transitioned from one milestone to the next. I can hear him saying that I am stuck in a Piagetian preoperational stage of animism. That's right Dr. Mayo, I learned something. 

Speaking of pudding, one thing we learned was Carl is not a kid anymore....and he likes pudding. I guess in a zombie apocalypse world, you would devour almost anything that you can. Zombies are the only ones that are picky eaters ! Yet, we saw Carl and his survival and fighting skills when he quickly deterred zombies that were after him. He even had the energy to write on the door to warn other lurking survivors. Luckily, he just lost a shoe ! He still needs to be careful since his temperamental teen age attitude may land him in a place that he will regret.  

We did see more of Carl's  temper when he scolded Rick.....while in a state of a Governor induced coma!
Get all that anger out Carl ! It's good therapy.

One thing I learned in nursing school is that therapeutic communication is vital in patient care. This can mean all the difference in a nurse patient relationship. One technique discussed was the use of silence. In this case, Rick's "silence" gave Carl the initiative to open up and express all his buried anger. Silence gave Carl the opportunity to collect and organize his thoughts, even in an outburst. He was able to introduce a topic of a great concern to him, than the one being the obvious -  a zombie apocalypse.

This I believe is the theme of the mid season premiere. Anger issues and management. We are slowly peeling through Michonne's character, getting a little understanding of how she became the way she is right now. At the same time, we see how Carl's anger influences the way he handles his growing years in a zombie apocalypse world. Michonne and Carl are characters so much alike,  but in a different stages of lives. 

As for the Governor....yeah, he's dead. 

We still don't know where the rest of the gang are at. But one thing we know is that they will eventually find each other. 

Knock, Knock,   Who's there?  It's for you Carl.