Friday, February 14, 2014

Yarn To Tell

By Chiqui Raveloski

If our cat Mozart can only talk, he probably would have told me, "Lady, get off the camera and start spinning the yarn!" And I would have said, "Boy, don't  I have a yarn to tell."

My recent blog downtime sent me to a creative dimension worthy of visiting. It all started when a friend at work and I were talking about crochet.  And it reminded me of the time when I was re teaching myself how to crochet again. 

My mother is an excellent crocheter. I remembered when I was little, back in the Philippines, watching my mother crochet to her heart's content. We would have tabletops, place mats, seat covers, all gorgeously crocheted by her busy hands. I have always thought, " How can she do that? Make all these things out of thread and a hook!" So, I observed and admired how each hook stroke would form into different shapes and patterns!

During my stay at home mom period, I attempted my fate in crocheting and I have to say that those years of watching my mother crochet did me some good. I remembered the basics and I went on and made a scarf. It wasn't perfect, but I used it for many years. 

So, I decided to crochet another scarf. Simple. Nothing extravagant. Maybe a colorful one. Off I went to the store on my day off and bought several spools of yarn !

I was so excited to start a new project. As a visual learner, I visited You Tube and scoured for new ideas and crochet pattern. I found this beautiful pattern for a scarf. A waffle stitch!

I was telling myself, I can do this. I'll be off for the next few days. It will be fun to take on a new project while my blog is down. The irritation I have with my blog domain issue can be masked with something creative. How very ideal and productive. Right?

Crocheting is tedious as it is engaging. The anticipation of what each chain stitch can become reminded me of my childhood memory of watching my mother create a new masterpiece.  Well, a third through my project I noticed that things were spinning out of proportion. I ended up with this masterpiece !

Couldn't figure out what was happening. I thought I was following the instructional video to the T !. After reviewing the video again, I realized that I was missing 2 chain stitches every time I reached the end sides. It just shows you how meticulous this crochet projects are. At this time, I have added another frustration in the midst of my blog domain issues. I calmly told myself, It's OK. I can start another one.

For my next attempt, I thought I'd try loom knitting. I have never tried it. Something new to learn. Awesome! Off I went to the store and bought a looming kit and more yarn. After carefully watching the instructional video from You Tube, I think I'm on to something. 

I became fond of loom knitting. It's simple, yet repetitive. Like crocheting, loom knitting demands same amount of attention to details. One miss from a peg, will throw the pattern out of proportion. Precision is key. This scarf will be finished off with fringes at the end. I love fringes.

Meanwhile, Mozart now sports a new blanket during the very cold winter here in the South !

During all of these, Atlanta was also in the middle of a winter storm. I'm sure you have heard about it in the news. It was awfully cold. See, ICE  loves it here in the South. Adding more to the challenges that the city already has. It paralyzed Atlanta. This happened exactly 2 weeks ago.

And it's happening again ! As I am writing this post, it has been sleeting for the past night and some early part of the morning. Luckily, I'm off from work, again. My husband stayed home because the whole neighborhood is covered with, you guessed it, ICE! Accumulation of 2 to 4 inches of snow, with widespread power outages are likely as ice forms on trees and power lines. .Georgia Governor Nathan Deal advised everyone to stay off the roads. 

I was also off from the hospital during the 2 days it snowed and iced the first time. . But my husband had to drive in it very carefully to work about 45 minutes away from home. He drove the Jeep Wrangler and everything went smoothly. "Salamat sa Diyos". Thank God. 

 I was told that during the snow/ice storm, the hospital I work in implemented the inclement weather protocol. People that were scheduled to work were advised to bring in extra clothes and toiletries just in case they have to spend a night/day at the hospital. They were provided with cots and a place to sleep at. But cafeteria closed. No food. What?!!

Despite of all the chaos, the hospital continued normal operations with limited staff. Life still went on.

What was also back in business was my blog domain. You should have seen the litany of emails with instructions on how to verify my blog ownership - a process that I have to painstakingly go through in order to get my domain back. Here we go again, with more instructions. So, I calmly told myself, Its OK. I will read and follow the instructions very carefully. And guess what? It worked. Patience did pay.

This past two weeks has been a learning process. Crocheting definitely filled a balance I was looking for in a moment when my blog was down. It warmed my heart for some reason I cannot explain. Maybe it is the act of creating something with my hands, a basic human instinct. Stimulating my artistic and creative side. Or the childhood memories of my mother, crocheting away. Now, I have to wonder. Was she trying to get her mind away from something , too?

Not to mention, the ice storm also gave me the enthusiasm for my new creation. The cold air that filled my surrounding made me yearn for that perfect scarf to hug me warm.

In the process, I learned that each chain stitch is very important in the total outcome of your finished product. The chain stitch, as simple as it is, and with a few variations will bring  possibilities that are endless when combined together.

In nursing, each chain stitch can represent the patients we have and will be taking care of. Each patient fills our nursing desire to care, heal, and make a difference. Together, they create a beautiful design in our hearts only us nurses can ever explain.

Each chain stitch can also represent the choices we make in life. Simple choices that we make can bring out endless possibilities we can learn and grow from. And if we do make a wrong choice, or failed to follow "our life's little instruction book", we can always step back and start over. 

Our life is our masterpiece. Each one of us has a unique design worthy for the world to see. We are the yarn, and we are the story.

Care to spin that yarn?


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  2. How interesting! I've had this recurring thought the last couple of weeks about learning to knit. And here you are, blogging about life and knitting. Hmmm. I was intrigued by the loom and may have to check it out.

    It's taken me a long time, but I've found that an important piece of patience is to wait w/o fretting, anxiety or anger.

    As always, you've struck a chord of insight and thoughtfulness. Hugs

    1. Wow..What a coincidence. We must be connected somehow. Oh no.... 2 crazy chicks like us!:)
      Definitely check out loom knitting. Easy and more precise than the traditional way,...i think. Either way, i think you'll have a wonderful time.
      Absolutely true, it's hard to be patient when u fret and become anxious and angry. That's why crocheting and knitting somehow centered me.
      Glad I was able to show an insight of something you've been thinkin about.
      Thanks and Happy Heart Day.

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