Monday, April 14, 2014


best quote from finding nemo

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how the cookie crumbles.

I have been cheating on you with a different audience!

I have another blog that I have been keeping up for the past three months.
I originally created the blog because I felt like I was not expressing myself freely in this blog.

I have this notion that as a nurse, I should write a certain way -  the clean way, the refined way, the right way. It is so true how nursing is a respectable and well trusted profession. There is no doubt about this. Nurses have to hold on to a certain standard only we nurses know and can relate to.

In doing so, I found myself wanting to rebel from the "norm". So, off I went and created my alter ego. And I tell you, I was having so much fun writing the more vulgar way. My evil twin talked about so many different things, nothing nurse related! The views were more to the left, lingo was different, and it felt liberating !

As liberating as this new experience have become, I also found it unsatisfying. Why so, you might ask.

As I was reading through my posts here in this blog, I cannot help but notice how I preached so much about being true to yourself, respecting everyone, loving who you are and finding your true self.  Well, guess what? I fell short of all these expectations!

I was not being true to myself.

I am not saying that the my views in this blog were all lies. That's not it. I failed to practice what I preached. I limited myself to what I thought was righteous as a nurse. Forgetting the fact that nurses are also human - with feelings of dismay, discouragement, just like everyone else.

Nurses do get angry. We curse and we move on. I just refused to acknowledge the disappointments of the profession and my true feelings as I dealt with them day after day. It's fucking frustrating. There...I said it.

With this said, I have decided to fuse the 2 blogs together. I'm coming clean and straight to the point. I will continue to stay true to my beliefs, be thoughtful and insightful, and shall voice my sentiments freely. Sugar coating will be limited!

I will periodically post articles that are not nursing related. After all, nurses do have lives outside work.These posts and writings from my other blog will be filed under "On those days I'm not a nurse".

I'm sure that this revelation might not be welcomed by some and hopefully embraced by many. I am only hoping that this new found endeavor will release me from all the freaking frustrations that I have. Thereby, can provide you with a different, yet, better, outlook and perspective on things.

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