Monday, May 26, 2014


I just came into a realization that I have outgrown my job and the people I work with. Not to sound narcisisstic or what have you. But, there comes a time that when you feel like you hear the same fucking problems from your co workers, it just makes you say, "Damn can you just move on?

People love to talk about themselves, their frustrations, their anger. Yet, when you ask them what they have done about it. They look at you, in a blank stare and say " Well, nothing. I have no choice..... I'm stuck....I have a lot on my plate.....I'm this and I'm that"!

I don't get it when people say they don't have a choice. We all have choices. It is a basic human function. We are faced with decision making everyday. It could be as easy as choosing to eat that cookie or which path in life should you take.

It is a matter of making  the one that will bring you the greatest reward or your downfall. The risks and rewards. It is a matter of taking the responsibility and accountability if choices made does not go well.

Maybe we are hard wired to fear rejection, failure, and disappointment. But isn't that how we learn our greatest lessons in life? Learning from our mistakes? That's how we learn how to overcome fear. Make us more of be in control of how we react to things around us and not the other way around.

With this said, when I came into a conclusion that I have outgrown my work and its surroundings, I have made a conscious decision to change my job. I am not saying that the people around me is the main reason why I decided to do it. They helped.

I am in a process of acquiring this new job that I really think will bring me great rewards. It fell on my lap like an answer from the higher being. A blessing not to be taken for granted. I'm hoping I get it so I can start a new adventure in life and career. My family is supportive and we are excited about it.

This change is part of my evolution.

If you are reading this post up to this point, thank you. Because I am guilty of paying attention to the negativity of people around me.

But, I would like to take this opportunity to say that there's always a choice. Please don't play the victim  card. You always have the opportunity to change your life. The question becomes....are you ready for that change?"

“In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn't matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did.” 
― Cassandra ClareCity of Glass

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It's that time of the year again.

Nurses' Week. Freebies, Oh so many treats.

The recognition.To honor and give thanks to nurses.

During this time,

I can't help but think about the patients I have worked with in the past year. I know there are many of them. Yet, there are a few that will stand out. 

Whether it was a good turn out, or not, patients have a way of teaching and reminding  us nurses of why we entered the profession in the first place. On some occassions, they do make us rethink of why the heck we even bothered to pursue this career. Urrrgh!

Well, it all balances out. You have to take the good with the bad, right?

We savor the good especially when you least expect it.

I do think back of a time when a patient of mine who surprised me in the most dearest way. I never really thought she felt the way she did because I guess, i was guilty of making a general assumption of this patient population. Yes, damn it! I became judgmental and I cannot blame anything or anyone else but myself. 

This patient of mine is a sickler and you know the drill. 

But, before she got discharged after taking care of her for two days, she gave me a book. I really don't like accepting gifts from patients but she insisted. She said she would leave the book anyway if I don't take it.

So, I graciously accepted the book

On the inside, she wrote a letter and I would like to share this with you.

To My Dear Nurse.......

This book is to show you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me as my nurse. God has given you such a heart for people and it is wonderful to see you put that gift to good use. You always use that gift with a big smile on your face. You have brighten up the days you've been my nurse. You don't get rushed even when I seem to talk on, and on, and on, and ... well you got the point. You've helped in healing not only with  the healing hands God's given you but also with your willingness to talk to and listen to me especially when you have so much to do. Thank you for your care both from your hands and mostly from your heart. May God continue to protect you and your family and may God continue to Bless you in everything you do. Hopefully the next time we meet, it will be under better circumstances.

Good Night and God Bless........

To all my fellow nurses out there, this letter is not just for me. It's also for all of you who have dedicated yourselves to the profession. I know, it's freaking ridiculous out there!

But, patients do recognize. I do and we all do.

Happy Nurses Week! Stay positive. By doing so, you become the source of great energy, Thereby, becoming an inspiration to everyone. 

Damn. Take a break.

Prop your feet up and enjoy the free food courtesy of that cute sales rep.

Happy Nurses Week. Let's remember as Nurses, to thank the CNAs that work beside us, for they are heroes too.