Saturday, July 26, 2014


It has been quite a while since I have posted anything on my blog. Changes have been happening these past months and I am excited to share my story to you.

I noticed from my last post that I talked about people who complained so much but are not doing anything about it. Why do people do this? 

I really don't  have any complaints. I am thankful for what the higher being and the universe has taught me and have given me for the past 46 years.  And when people say,  "Pick your battles," Well, I don't pick any! 

This is my story.........

I have worked in the hospital setting for the past 26 years, starting from the bottom.

I worked as a cafeteria cashier and was proud of my first job in America! Looking back at my work history from that hospital, I started Christmas Day 1986. What was I thinking, right? But, back then, as a new comer here in America, I was just very excited to land a job. Yep! I was the sucker who started on a holiday!

From then on, my hospital experience grew and I have climbed that ladder with my head held up high. I gained experiences, acquired knowledge, and learned many important lessons which helped me become the person I am right now. 

I met my husband of 17 years in a hospital and our daughter was born in the same hospital where we both worked at. A lot memories were built from this stage set. Some are memorable, some are not.

My decision to become a nurse came out of the hospital environment. For many years, I saw the circle of life happen in the hospital. I saw new moms and dads settle their new baby in a car seat to bring home and start a new life with. 

At the same time, I saw funeral home gourneys leaving from the back of the hospital to bring a tired and dead body  to whom its soul has gone to where it needed to be.

The hospital has been our backbone for many years. To that we are grateful. But there always comes a time, that an opportunity comes and you just have to take it.

This chance came when a job landed on my lap one day when I least expected it. You can call it a stroke of luck...something. It is a job that I have actually been looking into as a long term goal:To work from home.

This job has so many pros that it would be so stupid of me to look another way. Yet, my sentimental heart kept on reminding me of all the years I have worked in the I would miss everyone.....I wouldn't know how to work in another setting.....what if this does not work.....what if....what if.....what if.....

The fear of the unknown brushed me in a way that I felt trapped. And I started thinking. How would I know If I don't do it. I always get myself in this predicament every time I change jobs. Jobs I move into  from within the hospital.

But this time, it's different. I am leaving a place where I have practically lived in for the past 26 years! It's scary.

Then, I realized:We live in a world of the unknown. Who knows what's gonna happen? Yes, we make plans. But plans are not always 100% guaranteed. This job was my long term goal that came way early. Why wait?!

I have to live in the moment and take the freaking leap!

And there I went.

It has been almost 2 months since I became a Nurse Care Coordinator. And I have to tell you. There is a world outside the hospital. I traveled to another city for company training and I met new friends who are in the same boat that I am. They left their jobs of so many years and embarked in these new journey.

I'm not alone after all.

I learned a new trade. A new concept and I can grow and expand with this experience. I am now seeing what actually happens out here outside the hospital setting. Its something I have to get used to.

Not everything is a fucking STAT.

I did something about it. I don't miss hearing the same complaints from the same people day in and day out. It's a damn pet-peeve of mine. And I think looking back, they might have actually inspired me more to embark on a new adventure.

I don't feel trapped, but instead I feel like I can soar.

I don't feel stagnant, I feel rewarded.

Yes. I miss my friends. But I gained new ones. Each one with their own unique perspectives.

Who knows what will happen in this new journey. I don't and no one does.

All I know is

I left my work home of 26 years and started working from home.

"Anytime we step out boldly to make changes, we take a chance that we might fail. But the only way to get better is to try."  - Joyce Meyer


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