Thursday, October 16, 2014

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 Premiere: It's The Pleasure Principle

The torturous anticipation leading to The Walkng Dead's Season 5 premiere was  satiated by what I think is the most violent and rumpus filled premiere yet. From the throat slashing, burning-zombie-  the emotional reunion with ass kicker, the show delivered its highest rating episode  to the walker fans, by far.

As much as it was gratifying, deep inside, I have this nagging feeling of disappointment with how the whole thing  turned out.

And you're probably thinking. WTF

Well. here's my thing.

It might have been the fact that the seasons in which The Governor was featured made an impression on me. His arrogance and abusive persona  held us tight for quite some time to the point that everyone felt really disgusted and  cheated when the show did not kill him at the end of Season 3. Yet, when everyone else wished he was dead, I had this inner most inclination that he stays... Just. A. Bit. Longer. A show always needs a villain.... and what a villain he was.

As I have written before, A drama simply just cannot go on without a villain. During The Governor's run, there was no other character that I thought can replace him just yet. Not unless, of course, one is in the making. Governess Carol - I'll come back to this,

 I believe that his drawn out presence made it more worthwhile for us to see Michonne's katana go right through his heart.  It was a true manifestation of delayed gratification.

This ploy was very well executed. It showed a level of sophistication in the writer's part.  As well as for all the viewers who were able to grasp the concept.  A person's ability to delay gratification shows important life skills such as will power and self control.

On the other hand, the season 5 opener offered an action packed version. It was straightforward and uncomplicated. It was instant gratification to say the least. 

Yes. It was great. While it lasted. But I was expecting more of a tactical approach by the prisoners inside Train A. Instead, the train became a gas chamber. Oh well.

Then, Macgyver was written all over. Starting off with the self constructed scrap metal weapons to how Carol saved the day by shooting a firework into a fuel tank equals flying grilled zombies all over Terminus. 

It was badass alright.

But I don't think this is the last time we see Terminus. There are a lot of unfinished business. Like when Rick told Gareth , ''There's a machete, with a red handle. That's what I'm going to use to kill you". Now correct me if I'm wrong. But don't you think Gareth will have a taste, or should I say a feel of that blade slitting his throat?

What about Michonne's katana? She cannot be without that katana. It;s somewhere in Terminus. She has to somehow reunite with her weapon.  

And going back to Carol. Yes she saved the day. Yes, she redeemed herself to Rick. But, I have always had this skepticism about her character.  She seems to have this "going the extra mile" approach for the good of everyone else. She killed Tyrese's girlfriend who was sick with this respiratory virus, to "isolate" the disease. And don't forget "look at the flowers Lizzie".  ............"sympathetic" villain. 

The writers of the show with no doubt, redeemed themselves by pacifying us with the instant gratification approach. We are hard wired to want things. And with the present society of wanting everything - NOW, the season 5 opener was altogether relevant and appealing. 

What did you think about the season premiere?


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